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Solar System - Mars 3D screensaver

Feel as if you are looking out of the spacecraft window and seeing Mars illuminated by the sun
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20 February 2012

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Over the last decade a number of unmanned spacecrafts have been sent towards Mars and the Curiosity Rover has even touched down on its surface. Given the excitement surrounding our nearest planet it is quite likely that you too may want to experience it from up close. Well to get you a great view of the red planet we bring before you the Solar System - Mars 3D screensaver 1.5 which will give striking images of Mars in a manner that you feel that you are on space shuttle hovering around its vicinity.

As the Solar System - Mars 3D screensaver 1.5 starts playing it unfolds before you different views of the planet from different approach angels. Mimicking the sights that you are likely to observe in case you were on spaceship approaching Mars, the screensaver gives you a close realistic feel of the mysterious planet in all its glory. If you play close attention you can even recognize some of the key geographical features present on the planet including the Borealis basin. The distinctive rusty dust that gives Mars its trademark red color is also visible under close observation and you would get insights into how the planet looks as it rotates along its axis. You can also observe the silhouette of the planet in light of the reflection of light coming from the sun and how the light caresses the Martian surface. The screensaver sports an apt background score and is rather pleasant to look at from an aesthetical sense. Further it also allows the standard customizations and works on most Windows machines.

The highly detailed snaps of the Martian surface showcased in this screensaver are worth noting. The sleek imagery and rather interesting manner of showing different aspects of Mars in an accurate manner earns it a score of 3 rating points.

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Feeling the call of space? Install Solar System - Mars 3D and it'll take you on a breathtaking space voyage. As the screensaver comes to live, you feel as if you are looking out of the window of a spacecraft and seeing Mars from all possible perspectives being illuminated by the sun. As the sun comes into view, you see those circular halos that come from the light reflecting off of an invisible glass that lies between you and outer space.
Solar System - Mars 3D screensaver
Solar System - Mars 3D screensaver
Version 1.5
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